Three Barriers That Influence Learning Essay

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Three Barriers That Influence Learning
Stress is definitely a barrier in my critical thinking ability. Exhibiting mental slowness, confusion, constant worry and difficulty concentrating are just a few of the cognitive signs of stress. I feel that being overwhelmed and having to many things to do at once are leading to my stress. Many times at work and home I find myself feeling overwhelmed. Identifying ways to deal with stress would benefit increased concentration, developing more cognitive thoughts and increased thought process. I feel that being organized, active and positive all result in illuminating stress levels. Not to mention, attaining the correct amount of sleep is very important to stress levels. I know for myself exercise, sleep and being outdoors help me to elevate stress.
Reading Skills, if I could bold this I would. When growing up I hated reading often my grandmother would read to me or even do my homework for me. She was a librarian and I always struggled. We were continently arguing over homework and studying. I just did not get! She thought, I should have comprehended it but many times I did not. Still to this day I have a perception about reading. However little by little I gain more confidence allowing me to further succeed. When it comes to reading things I am interested in I have no problem, but when reading material I know nothing about everything gets all fumbled up in my head and turns into another language. I think this would fit under enculturation because these behaviors have been embedded in my upbringing. I have learned in this