Three Branches of Government Essays

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Three Branches of Government

There are three branches of government. The branches were created to equally share power and authority to the American citizens. Other than give all the power just to one branch and act like a dictatorship. The purpose of the Executive branch ran by the President is to execute, enforce and administer the laws that congress passes. The President also acts as a commander in chief of the armed forces. On the other hand the President’s ability to wage war depends on the congress, since they alone only have the power to declare war. The legislative branch of the U.S. government also known as the Congress, is best responsible for making laws. The legislative branch also has the power to create the budget for the entire government, to declare war and to establish foreign treaties. Congress consists of two sets of elected representatives from 50 states, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The two representatives work individually to help guarantee neither group obtains too much power. Judicial branches main purpose of the government is to support the laws set forth in our Constitution. The Judicial branch is also a part of the checks and balances system; they make sure the president does not abuse his power. They are also called to decide whether a law by congress is unconstitutional or not. The branch is one of three independent parts of the US Government and is responsible for the federal court system. The primary