Three Day Food Intak1 Essay

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Three day food intake
Mikeiva Davenport
September 24, 2014

During my three day food intake I discovered that I only consumed 68 grams of protein. The foods that I recorded in the last three days that included proteins are eggs, bacon, fish, broccoli, and kale. The proteins that I ate contained most of the nine essential amino acids and came from animal sources. The food that provided most of my carbohydrates, protein and lipids were tomatoes, woman vitamins, broccoli, eggs, bread, peanut butter, turkey meats, ice cream, almond milk, black-eyes peas, breaded dressing, yams, white potatoes, baked and fried fish, and cornbread.

I added fish, dairy, meat, eggs, and also combined other proteins such as beans and almond milk. To my knowledge I think that my protein intake could be incomplete because my protein sources have only low amounts of the essential amino acids. I think it is important to combine foods with at least two or more incomplete proteins because by doing that you will be able to form complementary proteins. Complementary proteins can provide adequate amounts of some of the essential amino acids that the body needs.

Making a few healthy changes is the best thing I could do to include more lipids into my health plan. According to the recommendation of the DRI and compared to my intake of protein, carbs, and lipid I failed to meet 100% percent of the minimum standards. I was less than 50% DRI for most of the nutrients. I personally think that I need to consume more meals with adequate healthy nutrients. I would need to add more vegetables, fruits, and oils to my diet if I want to achieve my goals. My calorie DRI was almost 4,000 and I just consumed 18% or almost 700 calories.

A few things I could do to have a healthier menu is to not to eat whole wheat bread, or margarine, and to not drink juice, artificial sweeteners, and soy milk. It is important to make sure our bodies receive all the macronutrient that is recommended. Because our bodies converts carbohydrates in to sugars that burns immediately to store in the muscles or for energy. Carbohydrates are the body’s primary source of energy, the institute of Medicine commends that 45 to 65 percent of our daily calories come from carbs.

Not meeting the required amount of macronutrient may leave the body feeling fatigued and weak. Severe depletion in carbohydrates will deprive the kidney, brain, and heart the energy they need to function. To little or too much can result in poor health and many diseases. Macronutrient are essential for a healthy growth, healing, and a proper function immune system. Although protein is good for the body, having too much dietary protein is very harmful, chronic disease can be caused or get worse.

Without enough of lipids in your diet, you will not get enough essential fatty acids, which could cause cell formation and functions with hair, skin, vision, and the immune system. Eating too little fats will also lower your blood levels of HDL, or the good cholesterol. The body uses certain parts of lipid molecules to build the membranes that enclose and protect the body cells. Lipids are also important for the body hormones production.

According to the iprofile, my fiber intake for the three days was not 100% met at the recommended level. I consumed 35 grams of total fiber where as I was supposed to consume 38 grams. My diet did not meet the minimum number of serving of foods from each fiber containing group.