Three Day Road Character Analysis

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Throughout the novel Three Day Road, it has many instances where it displays a change of personality and characteristics in the main characters. The author, Joseph Boyden, tells a story of two young Cree men, Xavier Bird and Elijah Weesageechak, who were freed from the residential schools to go live with Niska in the bush, whom they refer to as their aunt. When the two boys volunteered to join the Canadian army in World War 1, Elijah immediately tried to shed his Cree identity to fit in more with the the other soldiers, but Xavier did the opposite and stayed true to his culture from where he came from. War can be very tough on a man’s mind and body; it can cause major stress on the mental, physical and emotional aspects of a human. Elijah faced a major personality change during the time he had spent in the war. Near the end; he became a killing machine, which is not at all what he …show more content…
When Xavier returned back to Canada, he began to be more and more addicted to morphine to cope with all of the horrible things he had experienced during the war. This is shown when Xavier says “My body cries out for more, not wanting to believe there is any” (pg.344). This displays that his addiction has gotten out of hand, and uses it for unnecessary reason, and his body feels weak and achy without it.. He had to live the rest of his life with the fact that he had killed his own childhood friend, and that very thing was making his life so much harder to live. On his three day road back, Xavier shows that he has trouble sleeping at night without the morphine; because whenever he shuts his eyes, all he can see is the bad memories that he went through during his time in the army. Boyden really does a good job showing the readers just how difficult it is to return from the war; having all these terrible memories from after and how it really does change a person's life