Three Days of Rain by Richard Greenberg Essay examples

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Three days of rain
Three Days of Rain by Richard Greenberg begins with the first act introducing Walker and her sister Nan who claimed to own their father’s famous house. Pip ‘s father, Theo and Walker’s father, Ned designed the Janeway house. This house caused a dispute between Walker and Nan and their childhood friend Pip. The argument ended up unraveling Pip’s darkest secret revealing that Pip and Nan had a secret relationship. The secret ended up hurting him because he had feelings for Pip as well. When Walker found Ned’s mysterious journal, Ned confess that he took credit for Theo’s hard work and left the house for Pip. As a result, Ned denied Pip’s offer to buy the house and burn the journal as a sign of farewell to the dead.
In Act two, the play begins in the past where Theo and Ned are designing the house. In the play, we see there is some disagreement between them. Theo and his girlfriend Lina had relationship issues causing Ned to confess his love for Lina. Theo finds Lina and Ned while spending three days in bed. At the end of the play, Ned starts to draw which lead to the idea that Ned designs the Janeway house.
In an interview, Greenberg told “” he became a playwright when he was attending Harvard. He decided to stop attending classes and start to write fictional plays. He sends his play to Yale and they accepted which began a start of his new career. Greenberg went from a being an English major to a famous playwright. ‘Three days of rain” was one of his famous plays due to one popular actor Julia Robert.
I thought the play was very interesting. It made me think of whom my parents were before I came into this world. For example, Ned and Theo’s lives reflected on Walker, Nan, and Pip. I notice in the first act that the character’s assumption ended up being false after reading act 2. I imagine Ned watching Walker and Nan make false assumptions. As they learn about their parent’s past, they understand more about their life. This play helps me understand the most influential people in my life and to help guide me to the right path.
The play