Three Gorges Dam Case Study

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According to Kolltveit et al. (2007) the relationship between the project and its stakeholders is important for its success. This is continued by Vaaland (2004) who states that collaboration is crucial success factor to any project. The Three Gorges Dam had a large number of stakeholders involved in the project. These included Chinese Government, China Three Gorges Project Development Corporation, Re-settlers, City Residents, Shipping Trade, Environmentalists and Human Rights Organizations. The construction of the dam caused huge conflict between these groups. The aim of this lens is to present the different viewpoints of each stakeholder, the author will focus on two of the key stakeholders who approved the project, followed by two key stakeholders who disapproved the project.

I. Chinese Government
The Chinese Government is a key stakeholder in the construction of the Three Gorges Project. In 1990, the State
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The project sourced external funds through the setting up of a state-owned entity, China Three Gorges Project Development Corporation. According to Probe International (2007), a number of international financiers and companies have supplied equipment and services to China Three Gorges Project Development Corporation. These include the World Bank along with companies from Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Romania, Scotland, Switzerland, UK and the USA. Also including export credit agencies from Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden and Switzerland. (Gleick, 2009). Although the internal funds have been sourced from the State Three Georges Construction Funds, power revenues from existing hydropower facilities, revenues from the project itself and loans and credits from the Chinese State Development Bank or Chinese Development Bank, as its now known, the external financial stakeholders are hugely important to the construction and success of the