Three High Quality Indicators in Earlychildhood Essay

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Here are three high quality indicators in early childhood education and I will discuss their importance to children, parents and society.
The first indicator is that early childhood education provides a healthy and safe environment. Martoz, Cross, & Rush (2005) explain that some of the environmental components are very good and that they endorse a healthy lifestyle. A quality centre will provide an environment which promotes healthy eating, exercise and one which teaches good hygiene to all children. It needs to ensure safety by providing safe equipment and surroundings, also that teachers need to be closely monitoring the children. This provides the child and parents with an assurance that they are in good care.
Another quality indicator is that affordability comes alongside high quality to benefit children, parents and society. As all our children need quality provided to make sure they have the most excellent services available as this contributes to our lives in the future. (Sims, Guilfoyl & Parry, 2006)
Children from all walks of life need to have the same opportunities to succeed and there needs not to be any financial barriers to achieve this.
The third quality indicator is that there is trained teachers They provide children with an understanding of healthy living and safety , teachers can also teach children to grow a sense of recognition of the issues around them that can impair there health or safety . Martoz, et al. (2005) Also they are trained to with the correct information so they can help provide parents with information to help with childhood development, they are understanding and not judgemental. In te whariki Ministry of Education, (1996) it notes that “care should be taken that, when children are assessed families do not feel that they are being judged” (pg. 30). Also when a