Three Leads Essay

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Part 3. Three Leads into a hypothetical paper

1) As a student, my goal is to reach the apex of success. This is quite a common characteristic in most of my peers. We all someday want to obtain a comforting salary, which is complete “normal”. However, this idea of money being the key objective to the majority of scholars can be looked upon negatively. I understand some people may need money for reasons such as: family problems, debts, etc. However, how many people want the “money, cars, and clothes”? (Common saying among modern rappers).
I find this to be somewhat disturbing; think about it. When most young individuals such as athletes, come into large sums of money, it is spent poorly. Poorly is actually an understatement, pathetically is more appropriate. What I am trying to say is, are all intentions revolved around money? In this current generation, it sure seems like it.

2) When common interests being shared are completely evident and visible it creates a welcoming environment. Common characteristics create sports teams, scholastic clubs, and many meeting places. There is special bond that is created through sharing similar characteristics with one another. A strong attraction is prevalent in all areas where people know they share a common interest with others.
I am fascinated by the fact that this particular “bond” that is create can practically be seen by the naked eye. It truly is amazing. There is nothing more welcoming than walking into class on the first day of school and seeing a classmate wearing a Tom Brady jersey. All I can think of when I see that is: BOOM! I have someone to discuss at least one particular subject with, and relationships are created from there. Common interest all in all, is the base