Three Major Theoretical Perspectives

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There are three major theoretical perspectives that are used to analyze social problems. These theories were developed by sociologists because they wanted to determine how society is organized. These major theories are functionalist perspective, conflict perspective and interaction perspective. Although these sociologist had different theories in how society is organized, they show strong information and explanations to back up their theories. A huge social problem in society is unemployment, and these theoretical perspectives have interesting views on it.
The Functionalist Perspective differs from the conflict and interaction perspective because it focuses on the idea that society is a system that consists and different parts that perform
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From The Functionalist perspective, unemployment would be cause by the lack of educated people. This is because if there is a high rate of highschool or college dropouts then the rate of uneducated people is high and that leads to people not having the qualifications to get jobs. If our school systems would find a stronger way to encourage students to stay in school and to go to college then people would be better qualified to get jobs and not only would the unemployment rate go down, the poverty rate will go down too and the economy would get better.
The conflict perspective would have different view of unemployment than functionalists, they would say that the causes of unemployment is due to discrimination and inequality towards the color, values, belief,gender and sexucal orientation of people. The effects this has on society is that there could be a high rate of poverty in the minorities. Solutions to this would be stronger laws towards discrimination or more effective laws to protect people from discrimination. As well as having organizations advocate towards stopping