Three-sector Hypothesis and Tertiary Sector Essay

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M2 Growth and Decline of Industries
The primary and secondary sectors have declined in the UK because the employers have to do overseas and it’s cheaper in other countries. In primary sector you need space, but there is not enough space in the UK.
In the secondary sector it’s cheaper to go abroad in developing countries because they have large populations which means they have to pay less wages, therefore producing goods abroad is cheaper.
The primary and secondary stages of production, according to jimmy’s supermarket secret project, is based in developing countries outside the UK for example Kenya, Egypt etc. they are produced abroad, overseas because it is cheaper and they can pay them less wages. In Egypt, the Sahara desert, they grow their potatoes by getting water deep underground, by digging holes. They get the water from reserves 100 thousand years ago. They fertilize on sand because they have plenty of large spaces. They didn’t have to pay their employers too much money because of the weather and technology.
Producing potatoes and vegetables doesn’t bring income to the country. People will pay more for service, for example the tertiary sector has grown in the UK because farmers need to rely on bio-fuel and sustainable products to make sure they last longer, and is still there for the future. Agriculture is not declining that much like the farm in Nottingham; they are still running their business.

Employment by Industrial Sector
Employment of industry has decreased and the number of people farming has also decreased because of improved technology and machinery. There is less of this happening in the UK like agriculture, fishing, mining and quarrelling. Employment in mining and quarrelling has declined a lot more than agriculture and fishing. Employment in manufacturing has also decreased because they produce things in different countries like for example our clothes, cars and so on. Employment of construction (building has increased because population has grown). Industries depend on recession and boom cycles. Boom cycle is the opposite of recession, this is when people are employed, and there are more jobs available. They can spend money on whatever they want. Whereas during recession, there is high unemployment, people don’t buy expensive goods. They want to save money, because they