three steps to a perfect golf swing Essay

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Three Steps to a Perfect Golf Swing

Have you just started playing golf and come to realized that it seems too difficult to swing the club the right way? Do you hit the ball all over the place? Wouldn't it be great if you could follow a few simple steps on how to swing a golf club correctly? Swinging a golf club can be frustrating and takes time to perfect. A golf swing is an unnatural motion that you can only perfect through lots of practice. You can avoid many mistakes that people make when they first start playing golf by just following these three simple steps: concentrating on your backswing, downswing and follow through, which will help you hit the ball like a pro.
The backswing, which is taking your club away from your body, should be focused on your body rotation, club position and arm extension. The backswing should be a smooth one piece takeaway with your front elbow straight; this will feel very awkward in the beginning. Your back elbow should be slightly bent, and you will shift your weight to the back foot. Do not hurry your backswing, as this will not create any more power than if you just had a slow smooth backswing. Once you get the backswing down you can start on the downswing.
The downswing creates the power to drive the golf ball down the fairway. Some golfers think the downswing starts with their arms, but in fact, it starts with your legs. You should move your knees and waist forward to move your weight from the back foot to your front foot, generating club head speed as you drive your arms down through the ball. Your club head and shaft should follow the same path it did on your backswing. When you do this correctly, you will impact the ball correctly, thus increase club head speed, and increase ball distance. Once mastered you have one final step, the follow through.
The follow through comes after you impact the ball. Your weight should be on your forward heel and on the inside of the