Three Types Of Joint Divided By Amount Of Movement

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Explain the three types of joint classified by amount of movement they allow. synarthrosis - none amphiarthrosis – little diarthrosis-a lot

describe the following movements flexion- decreases angle (vertebral column) abduction-movement away form the midline (hands apart) inversion- turn plantar surface medially depression-mandible and shoulder are going to move inferiorly

list which joints would be used and what motions would occur at each joint as someone does jumping jacks hip joint knee joint ankle joint metatarso phalangeal interphalangeal shoulder and elbow joints flexion and extension at the knee metatarsophalangeal interphonlangeal and elbow joint dorsiflexion and plantarflesion at the ankle jonts abduction and adduction flexion and extension at the hip joint abduction and adduction and rotation at the shoulder joints name a part of humerus that serves the muscle attachment. Name a part of the humerus that serves the articulation.
The muscle attachment serves the lateral and medial however the part s for articulation are head of the humerus and from the oposite side olecranon fossa radial fossa and coronoid fossa

Define bursitis.
It is an inflammation of the bursa is usually coused by a blow of friction

What is the function of the synovial fluid in a synovial joint.
Synovial fluid is made by filtration from the capillaries in the synovial membrane its function is to lubricate the joint nourish articular cartilage remove microbes and