Thirteen Days Essay

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Thirteen DAYS
Thirteen Days was based on Cuban missile crisis .In 1962 it would’ve been the closet we ever came to a nuclear war in United States of America. A man by the name Nikita Khrushchev was the head of the Soviet Union .He was the man in control of the missiles being place in Cuba to strike and kill 80 million Americans. At the time of this event President John F .Kennedy was in office .He gave orders to the Soviet Union to remove the missile, but as the world waited more ships start moving closer towards Cuba. This movie is a great example of how wars started and could have been prevented. For example, we talked about the attack on pearl harbor by the japans in Hawaii .I believe if we knew that the japans was going to strike down on us we would have been to save millions of lives .This movie also show the world behind the doors off the white house. I do believe that this movie a realistic portrayal of this historic event .In this movie it shows in details how the Cuban crisis came about and how it ended. In the movie it shows the president effect on the event and how he help stop the crisis from happening. For example, in the movie they showed the meeting took place between the two leaders. One of the leaders brought pictures of the Soviet Union firing at a United States air force planes. This is a realistic portrayal on how to prove things to people; to