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The 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss
Formula @Thrive Training

You signed up? That‟s great news.
Congratulations! we canʼt wait to help you get into shape that you want and deserve with our ʻ21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Planʼ. We are so pleased that youʼve given us the chance to prove that we can get you in the best shape of your life.
We are not going to sugar-coat it though, dropping body fat is no walk in the park. If it was easy, weʼd all be walking around with 6 packs, right?
What we will say though, is if you follow the formula you CAN NOT FAIL. Regardless of what youʼve tried in the past.
Whether youʼre miffed with your muffin tops, sick of your saddle bags or gutted about your gut, we have the solution to strip fat off you faster than you can imagine. Before we crack on (if you haven‟t already) go here:
Anyway, theres a few things that we need to point out to make sure you get the most of our weight loss project:
• Your results will correlate DIRECTLY to your commitment to the program.
• Follow it - get a new body. Itʼs that simple.
• Even though it is you who needs to follow the plan, We are 100% here for you.

In fact, to prove our commitment to helping you get in the best possible shape we are going to give you our PRIVATE numbers. Now, we normally charge £50 an hour for phone coaching but as you are now onboard with the weight loss project we are perfectly happy to help you for free as part of our commitment to your program!

OK. Let‟s begin!

The sessions arenʼt going to be easy, theyʼre going to be challenging, fun, motivating but more importantly - RESULTS DRIVEN!
You are expected to attend at least 3-4 sessions per week of the camp in order for you to achieve maximum results and let us say this to you - THE RESULTS WILL BE
Even if youʼre on holiday we can send the workouts to you wherever you are!

What to Bring?

A bottle of water (we have water at Thrive if you forget)
A towel (we have these at Thrive also)
An extra serving of enthusiasm

The Exercises
The exercises that will be involved in our sessions all have one thing in common - they are the most effect most “Bang for buck” exercises in the world.
Movement based resistance training is the single most effective tool for burning fat, it‟s as simple as that. This is because they cause the biggest metabolic disturbance - they melt fat! What You Should Do Between Sessions
For the first week you should do NOTHING having carried out this type of training. Just chill! With this type of training the recovery in between sessions is just as important as the work itself. That is because whilst your muscles are repairing and replenishing themselves they burn vital extra calories, turning your body into a fat melting machine!
After week 1, you have the choice to do an extra 20 minutes of cardio activity a day, e.g. swimming, running, walking. This is to really crank up those fat burning results.

Will You Ache?
During the first week of the project you will more than likely hurt a bit! (we are just being honest!) It wonʼt last though. As you get fitter and stronger your body will recover VERY quickly. The reason we ache is because weʼre challenging the body with the most effective exercises out there.

During the Program We Will Ask One Thing Of You...
GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE at every possible opportunity. Remember, if the easy things worked we would all have the body of our dreams!

Ok, letʼs get one thing absolutely clear before we get started. You CANNOT out-train a bad diet. What you put into your mouth, accounts for around 70% of how much fat youʼll lose, the exercises will just speed the whole fat loss process up and make sure it is fat weʼre losing!

After 9 years training between us,