Through knowledge of customer buying behavior, marketing manger can learn to manlpuable customer to purchase their product Essay

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Customer buying behaviour involves a motivation for selecting and purchasing a particular product. Marketers are aware that importance of what factors influence customer buying behavior ,they can manipulate customer to purchase their product by applying strategies. There are four main factors- psychological influence, sociocultural influence, economic influence and government influence affect customer buying behaviour.

Psychological factors are influence within an individual that affect his or her buying behaviour. Five main psychological factors influence customer choice. There are perception, motives, attitudes, personality and self-image and learning. Perception is the way you notice things, especially with the sense. Perception is relevant customer buying behaviour because customer frequently notice and purchase the product that give them good perception through its quality, clour , size and appliance. In the other hand customer will not purchase a product they perceive as inferior. For this reason, marketers must create a positive and favorable perception about product .Motive is the reason that make customer to buy particular product. A typical case, my mother’s birthday coming, and I decide to buy flower for her birthday gift . The example demonstrate individual usually have reason to purchase product. Hence, marketers can try to doing promotion for their product through advert, and the other way, it is very effective to introduce product and deepen the impression of product to customer. An attitude is a persons overall feeling about and object and activity Attitudes can be positive and negative. If a customer has a negative experience within a product they less likely to purchase again. If a customer has a positive experience within a product they are likely to continuous using that product also recommend it to other. Marketers must guarantee product in good quality so that customers have positive attitude of the product and support the product. An individual’s personality is the collection of all the behaviors and characteristics. It is a strong influence in customer purchase product. Different personalities will have different of the idea oft the idea of the product. Most the of lively people like bright colour product , in which case, the serious person morely like black and dark colour product. According to different person’s personalities, marketers can design to develop different kind of product, such as various colour, size to satisfy customer need. And individual’s self image relates to how a person views himself or herself. Self image is a major determinant of what product we buy. We will have an image of who we are and we reinforce this image through products we use. Marketers will make the most of an individual’s desire to express their identity through what they buy by highlighting the image value of their product. Learning refers to changes in an individual’s behaviour caused by information and experience . Learning gives rise to certain influences. When Iphone was launched, some customers could not accept this product, as they believed it was too difficult . The Apple company always assists customers to learn about using by providing excellent customer service and training. This service has influenced the sales of apple products.

Sociocultural influence are forces exerted by other people and group that affect an individual’s buying behaviour. There are four main sociocultural factors. They are social class, culture and subculture, family and roles and peer group . Social class refers to a person’s relative rank in society , based on his or her education, income and occuption. Social class influence the type quality and quantity of product a customer buy . People from a high socioeconomic status background , they are willing spend a large amount of money to purchase luxurious and high priced goods . Also, people from low social class can’t afford high priced product, they only