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Advertising The objective of advertising is to attract the people to make business and sell. Companies advertise because they want people to but their products. Advertising is popular throughout the whole world. We see ads on TV, online, and we hear them on the radio. Sometimes we wonder why lies are told in a commercial and not the truth, and suddenly we realize that companies just want the money. Advertising is a good way for business corporations to put their products out on the market to make business. The government is involved in advertising by trying to control what can be advertised and what cannot. Having the government involved can have a positive effect, but not all advertising is positive. The first lady of the white house at the current moment is Michelle Obama. Michelle makes a good effort to assist children in the world today by helping make a difference. She does her best in trying to encourage children to eat healthier and get fit. If they listen to what Michelle promotes, I personally feel that children’s lifestyle of eating health wise will be better. “Michelle took a big step in advertising this by making a commercial and putting it on the most popular children’s channel, Disney” (Article 3). In the advertisement she uses encouraging words and the tone of her voice to inspire one to take on the challenge of being healthy. We all know that junk food is not good for us. Companies try to promote advertising all the time for junk food. But, it’s sad to say we abuse junk food. We buy it every day, most of the time if we see it we find it appealing so we tend to think that we have to buy it. We must realize that advertising companies are just out to get us and make our health worse. As parents they are generally put to fault for buying these bad influences that affect their child’s health and even their own. I believe the government is more against promoting unhealthy goods, but the “World Health Organization works globally to defend our health and to make sure all of our foods are healthy” (Article 1). Whether we realize it or not, the companies that advertise junk food such as Twinkies shoot for the younger customers depending on the type of food. This means that they target mobile phones and other types of commonly used technology to advertise. Kellogg’s is a huge corporation that advertises things such as cereal. Kellogg also is a great example of advertising. “This corporation thinks that it is crucial to advertise fake things and try to give them to the public” (Article 2). American consumers were victims of "fraudulent" weight-loss products more than any other type of fraud, just gives an example of why Kellogg’s are aiming for healthier products. There are tons of people that purchase the name brand Kellogg. The thing about Kellogg is that they advertise healthy foods and it is true that it works due to the weight loss of some of our fellow