Essay on TiVo Strategic Audit

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Case 14: Tivo Inc.

I. Current Situation
A. Past Performance
A.1. Tivo is a corporation developed on a product that allows customers to record TV shows digitally, and watch them when convenient for them.
A.2. TiVo released an IPO in 1999 and price of stock has fluctuated significantly over the years.
A.3. Tivo has had a difficult time in maintaining positive growth or consistent financial standings since its founding.
B. Strategic Posture
B.1. Mission
B.1.1. TiVo has evolved from the pioneer of the DVR to its role today as a leading provider of advanced television to the cable industry domestically and abroad. TiVo creates consumer products and software to deliver a branded viewing experience that integrates traditional and
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Corporate Structure
A.1. The Corporate structure of TiVo is responsible for managing business outside of the US in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, and Taiwan. The company provides similar service for each.
B. Corporate Culture
B.1. The only noticeable change in corporate culture was when founder Mike Ramsey was forced to resign as CEO in 2005. Ramsey continued to serve on board of directors after resignation.
C. Corporate Resources
C.1. Marketing
C.1.1. The initial ad campaign was too simply and did not clearly state the features of the device. This made the customers confused and the company lost millions of dollars.
C.1.2. The biggest way TiVo managed to advertise their products was through awareness and national recognition. They hired actors to endorse the product through various media outlets such as print, radio, television, and special promotions.
C.2. Finance
C.2.1. The initial stock of $16. The highest price in stock history was $78.75. And in 2002 it dropped to its lowest of $2.25.
C.2.2. Since the beginning of the company it has had many losses and negative cash flow. The only discernable cause for Tivo having a positive cash flow of