Tibble Town Essay

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This all takes place in the 5thcentury in Scandinavia. Beowulf was trying to help the king kill grendal because he was destroying the hall and killing the soldiers. Beowulf was the son of edgetho and hygelac’s kinsman and warrior. He destroyed a whole family of giants and water monster grinding them to bits.He uses no weapons when he goes after grendal because he has the strength of thirty men in his hands grip. Beowulf is very pride and boastful. Beowulf states “I resolved when I set to sea in my boat with my warriors that I, alone, will fulfill that wish of your people”. I think what Beowulf means by this is that he was sent to save the people and the hall and he was going to do nothing less of his mission. He also states “Never, since I have been able to lift shield, have I entrusted this hall, this mighty house of the Danes, to any man. Basically he is saying he will only trust those in the hall with his men and anyone else will be considered a help to grendal and will be killed. It was well known among men that, if god willed it not no one could drag that demon (speaking of grendal) to the shadows. This means Beowulf had strong belief in God and says if god wants grendal gone he will make it happen. The battle of grendal and Beowulf took place in the hall in beowulfs room; grendal was defeated by the grip of beowulfs hand. Beowulf than returned the arms and all to the king to…