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Ticket Counter Procedure
Working the ticket counter is all about punching up tickets which is just like operating a regular PC with different key functions. There is two colored rows of keys that are used. The home row is red and are labeled S1 through S6 which is for screen selection (ex: S1 is Screen 1). The other row of keys is colored blue and each has an abbreviation on it. The abbreviations are the different tickets that are available to the customer.
The abbreviations and meaning are
AD – Adult Admission $9.50
RR – Senior Admission 60+ $6.50
CH – Children ages 3-13 $5.50
ST – Student Admission (No longer available)
The last three keys are exchange keys and there meanings are
1st X - $5.50 admission
2nd X – $9.50 admission
FP – Free Pass
Customer service is our number one priority and greeting the customer with a positive attitude and a smile is a great start to their theater experience. Ask the customer which movie they would like to see and for which show time. Then you must ask how many admissions are adults, seniors, or children. After the information has been provided it has to be entered into the computer in these steps
1. First press the “S” key with the corresponding screen the selected movie is on
2. Then press the number of admissions (1-9) followed by the admission type (AD,RR,CH)
3. The total price will appear in the lower right corner, then tell the customer their total
4. Once you receive the money leave it in front of you while counting back the change.
5. After the customer receives their change press the space bar to bring the tickets up.
Always thank the customer and tell them to enjoy the show. If you receive a $20 bill or more then it must be dropped into the slot in the counter before waiting on the next customer.…