Types Of Membership

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Please read this document carefully as the terms below apply to your Membership In particular, please note the following:       Where purchasing Membership on behalf of another person, you are deemed to have their consent and authority to agree to these terms and conditions. Membership expires automatically on 31 May 2013. Membership is available only on a one Membership per person basis. Applications for match tickets are strictly on the basis of one ticket per match per Member, unless expressly permitted otherwise by the Club. Where match tickets are on general sale, a Member will be entitled to purchase a match ticket at the then current discounted price available to Members. Where a Member purchases a home match ticket, the use of that ticket is subject to the Match Ticket Terms and Conditions.

Terms & Conditions of Membership - Season 2012/13 1. In these terms and conditions: “Club” means Manchester United Football Club Limited; “Match Ticket Terms and Conditions” means those terms and conditions with which all individuals attending a football match at the Stadium (on a match by match basis) must comply. A copy of these terms is available on request from Ticketing & Membership Services and at www.manutd.com/termsandconditions; “Membership” means membership of an official Manchester United membership scheme operated by the Club; “Membership Card” means the access card which is provided to a Member in order for the Member to: (i) indicate that they are a Member; and (ii) subject to Clause 16, access the Stadium for any home match for which the Member applied for and was allocated a match ticket; “Member” means a person who is registered as an official member of a Manchester United membership scheme and is entitled to the benefits of Membership, subject to these terms and conditions; “Stadium” means the Club’s ground at Sir Matt Busby Way, Old Trafford, Manchester M16 0RA; and “Stadium Access System” means the automated system which permits the holder of a match ticket access to the Stadium via a relevant access card (which in the case of a Member shall be their Membership Card). General Memberships Terms 2. The purchaser of Membership is required to agree to these terms and conditions at the point of purchase. Any individual purchasing Membership for a third party shall be deemed to be acting with the consent of each Member for whom they are making that purchase, including acting with the

authority of each such Member to agree to these terms and conditions on their behalf. Following the purchase of a Membership, the Club shall only communicate with the registered Member (regardless of whether such Membership was bought on their behalf or otherwise). 3. Membership is sold on the basis of one Membership per person. By purchasing or using a Membership a Member is representing that they are a supporter of the Club. The Club shall be entitled to refuse an application from, or suspend or cancel the Membership of, any Member who: (i) it believes is not a genuine supporter of the Club; or (ii) does not provide the personal details or information that the Club reasonably requires to process or maintain their Membership. There are five categories of Membership: Under-16 Membership 16-17 Membership 18-20 Membership Over-65 Membership Full Membership available to individuals under the age of 16 available to individuals who are aged 16 or 17 available to individuals who are aged 18, 19 or 20 available to individuals aged 65 and over available to all other individuals not entitled to purchase an Under-16, 16-17, 18-20 or Over-65 Membership



An individual shall be entitled to purchase:  an Under-16 Membership if they are under the age of 16 on 1 August 2012;  a 16-17 Membership if they are aged 16 or 17 on 1 August 2012;  an 18-20 Membership if they are aged 18, 19 or 20 on 1 August 2012;  an Over-65 Membership if they are aged 65 or over on 1 August 2012; or  a Full Membership if they are aged 21 or over,