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So, I wanted to share some thoughts, convos and quotes I’ve come across in the last week. I think my blog readers would quite enjoy this… I was recently told my someone online in a heated debate while I was sharing how I felt about my own infidelity that I was very lucky to have such a great role model that sets my bar so high, to which I was questioned whom that was. I said my Mother… and I said she has been with two people her whole life and both have been partners whom she bore children with, and it wasn’t so much that she procreated that mattered as much as her being able to stay true to her partners throughout her relationship. She’s always told me that whenever I should come close to have inadvertent thoughts about my partner, to look within myself and search what’s lacking and then confront my significant other- and if then nothing can be resolved it’s better to end something on good terms than drag something out until something nasty happens (violence, infidelity, etc). Surprisingly, after sharing this, the person who I shared this with told me no wonder I was having such a hard time in my love life! That my mother was not an appropriate role model for my “sexual/love” life, a gay male would only suffice. Then it hit me. This is the exact problem most gay people have that segregates them and their compartmentalized thoughts and lives within the gay community. I had an epiphany of sorts of the crux of why gay people perpetuate the same stereotypes they now fight year after year to dismiss, in their homes, streets and capitol hill. But save my argument for a moment, I decided to share this with someone that I consider to be quite brilliant as I knew he would give me his unbiased, intelligent opinion on the matter, and so these were his commentaries (i must say to my delight ;)) :
Why would she have to be gay and not a woman to be a good role model? because you’re gay and a man?
I don’t even seen an argument there just a statement on his part with no real reasoning other than he is a typical homo who thinks he gets a different set of rules than everyone else he sounds like a self-important ass
I will never understand why certain gay people feel like they have a different set of rules apply to them rules for decency, that is some guy said something like, “monogamy is for straight people” and I just wanted to hit him because then so is marriage, you fruit bag
Needless to say we have room to not be pc, and the commentary was funny…but the point was that my friend was totally right. Gay people expect a separate standard to be held for them in SO many ways, guess what? It’s not practical, and if you expect that, then you’re going to get just that, a special set of rules just for the gay community, biased with no equality. It’s ridiculous to even suggest that a role model would be more apropos had they matching gender and sexuality.
On a different tirade and rant, I was also speaking to someone very dear to me about reputation and character… I worked in the nightclub industry for quite a few years now, and amidst all that I was in an LTR that had many a firework… I learned that no matter how you behave or what you do, people will talk. It’s the nature of the beast and the ball game. The only thing you can really change in my opinion is how you react and carry yourself. He was kind of disappointed at my POV because he thought better of me and thought that certain rumors were baseless and I should hark out those who spread them and clarify things. I said no. Absolutely not. The people who I consider integral in my life and that I care about me know me well enough that such commentary would not phase them, nor would they ever see a single ounce of truth in that. But to play the devils advocate a bit, I agreed that I could do a bit more to to clear the pandemonium… But still I said, “really, after any serious LTR and having worked in the industry that I did, it would be outrageous if people didn’t have something to