Tiffin University Research Paper

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My future goal has always been attending college. I just really never knew which one until I visited Tiffin University. I really liked the TU campus after seeing it first hand in August. The small open campus really appealed to my small town upbringing. After speaking with my position football coach who is an alumni of Tiffin University, he had only positive things to say about the college and its many academics which made me want to apply even more. So in order to accomplish my future goal, I’m applying to TU for many reasons. First, I am interested in majoring in Criminology or Criminal Justice. Tiffin University excels in both of these academic areas and offers top-notch bachelor's and master's degrees in Criminal Justice. Second, I also have some interest in possibly playing either football or baseball since I am a four year varsity letterman in football and I will also be a four year varsity letterman in baseball this upcoming spring at East Knox High School. I love playing high school sports and the experiences have helped me become a more goal focused individual and a better team captain of the football team which I feel will help …show more content…
It's made me a much better person and a hard worker. I realize what it takes to do something that people tell you that can't be done. It just makes me push even harder, makes me work even harder, and I will prove them wrong every time because I do not stop until I reach my goals. Football is a very good sport you will have fun playing, but it also teaches you many life lessons that I suggest you take advantage of and use them to help you. I couldn't thank my coaches and teammates enough for helping me take that big step. Before freshman year all I wanted to do in college was play sports, but now I want to become a successful young man in one of the many fields of Law Enforcement such as a State Highway patrolman, F.B.I agent, US Marshall or a Game