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Tiger Moms
1. Should the America fear of “losing ground to China and other rising powers” and of inadequately preparing their children to “survive in the global economy”?
American parents are not teaching their children to do something for their country and for their own in global economy prospective. In America most of their children are involved in playing video games , internet ,social networking , etc. wherein developing countries these things are used in a productive manner which enhances the skills of the child. There is more concern towards the children of developing countries for their future and career. Americans ae more self centred . Divorce rate is high in America as compared to other developing nations. There is a negative impact over children whose parents get separated .Their is a fare for America as the developing countries are being more efficient day by day.
2. Critique the four debates mentioned by Howard (2011), i.e., discuss the debates, state your views and defend your views on each debate.
Hard work pays off:
For successful life u nned to do hard work . It is tough for a tiger mom to look after a baby alone . Lots of efforts and hard work is required to grow a child and make rhe child become efficient and effective..

Confident parenting:
For a single mother to grow a child alone is difficult ,so the mother have to have confident parenting quality. A mother should be confident about her actions and deeds and should be ready for any phase of life . She should help her children to develop and learn new things and be more confident in every phase of life/.
Time and effort: It is diificult for a mother to manage time for work and time for kids . Mother should keep ample time for her child because for growing an