Tikki Compare And Contrast Essay

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Books and the movie corresponding to it can be extremely different from each other or a few of the them are almost identical. Sometimes the book will even have lots of similarities, but also have several differences. Most parts of Africa have mongooses and they generally live for about 10 years. Mongooses are famously known to kill venomous snakes like cobras. The book Rikki tikki tavi by Rudyard Kipling and the movie Rikki tikki tavi by Chuck Jones have plenty of similarities with just a few differences. The characters, setting, and conflict has lots of similar thoughts in both mediums with just a few differences. The characters in both the movie and book have loads of characteristics. In the book and the movie, Rikki tikki tavi was brave as well as daring. He was also caring because he wanted to protect the family. He was also extremely smart due to knowing how to stop Karait, the dust brown snake, Nag, and Nagaina, the two cobras, and he knew where to bite so he wouldn’t be killed. He also to not eat too much which would make him not move quickly enough to escape. Rikki tikki tavi was heroic because “he followed Nagaina into a hole which means certain death” (Kipling 155). Teddy is incredibly kind, for he cared a great deal about Rikki. Teddy was caring …show more content…
In both the mediums it takes place in the late 1800s. They both take place when the British had control over the country. Both stories take place in the country of India. “They also take place in the big bungalow in Segowlee cantonment, a military base,” (Kipling 143). Although, the house in the story is a bungalow which is a “low, one story house” (Kipling 143) but in the movie you see stairs in the background (movie 4:16). Therefore it must take place in a different type of house. “The movie also has settings that dive into areas of greater detail detail (ex. The flood)” (movie 0:50) Overall, the settings in the two tales are easily