Preparation Of Seed Water

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(1) til seed oil SuSong before filter wool oil pump into the refining tank, shall check valve in the pipeline is normal, can deal with to send oil to end, palm oil millshould immediately close the inlet valve.Into the tank for refining crude oil flax seed oil, must first remove the oil level bubble, smooth oil level, and let stand for appropriate time (not less than 15 min), not being in the oil bubble.Adjust the oil temperature to 25-35 ℃.

(2) alkali preparation According to a specified amount of NaOH (purity) must be identified with the right amount water mixing, start the alkali pump, circulation lye make NaOH completely melted.Reduced to 25-30 ℃ temperature of the lye, let stand 20 min, with a wave of the determination of alkali liquor baume degree, and adjust to the 10-12 ° Be.

Address: 2251 shenzhen nanhai avenue building 8 k on the west coastt 25-35 ℃, start the agitator began to stir, stir slowly turn (20 r/min) 1 min, then to turn fast (40 r/min), stirring at the same time, a soda bottle valve, USES lye.Add lye time is 15 min or so commonly, after alkali continue to turn fast mixing, until the oil and soap grain clear separation, stirring time is about 3-3.5 h.Clear separation, oil and soap foot to slow mixing, opened the door of the heating steam (1.4 KGF/C ㎡ vapor pressure), they rise to the oil temperature to 60 ℃ (high oil temperature should keep 1 ℃ / min, the highest temperature should not exceed 65 ℃) Namely stop stirring, shut off the steam valve to make it to a cold precipitation (about 8 h precipitation time).After they check the oil conveying pipeline valve normal oil pump into the water tank, when the pump to oil soapstock interface with precipitation, should be highly note Don't put the soap foot pump out, must put the oil pump out again at the same time.
(4) water washing to pump into oil flax oil refining production line of the wash tank oil heating heating up, at the same time start the agitator in 75-80 ℃ hot water, to keep the oil temperature 80-85 ℃, temperature not over 85 ℃).When the water to add up, the water content of 15% - 20% of the oil, add water time 38-40 min), stop heating, and continue to stir the 15 min, namely stop stirring, precipitation 2 h () for the first time, will open the drain valve of the water tank bottom, freeing about three-quarters of the washing water (go before washing water left in the pipeline, back to oil in oil-water separator).And then close the discharge valve, the valve to the gun barrel, will the rest of the oil-water mixture, slowly put in.Water for the first time, must put the viscosity of oil-water layer and all in the oil separating tank to see good so far, then close the valve.Pport oil-water separation, must grasp the separation tank for separation, to open the tank of heating coil, elevated temperature (no more than 80 ℃), the water go after separation and recovery of the residual oil.
According to the above methods will be continued oil machine wash to wash water just to clarify, the second water precipitation time of 1.5 h.
(5) dehydration didn't check before the pipeline valve is normal, then pump into the vacuum of the water tank, at the same time open the steam valve, to start the vacuum pumps and agitator, adjust the condenser cooling water, and to start the circulation pump cycling of vacuum dewatering tank oil.The vacuum degree of vacuum water knockout stay above 0.0867 MPa.Drying time is about 3 h, Steam pipestarting to take off the oil tank transportation, dehydration after the oil sample to qc inspector to check together.When lack of dehydration is found, continue the dehydration.Dehydration temperature at 70 ℃.
After dehydration, stop the pump, open the air valve, slowly into the air.Check valve in the pipeline is normal, and then through the cooling pipe conveying oil cold to 25-30 ℃ flows into the sedimentation tank to filter.

(6) filter check til oil refining equipment filter press…