Tillman M Business320 Assignment 5 Essay

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Attracting Customers Online
Montoyia Tillman
American Public University
Professor Alex Lazo
November 9 2014 Marketing your business using ecommerce is a great strategy, however this objective will take proper planning. Online services is another way for a businesses to market their products and do exceedingly well with sakes and services. Getting and keeping consumers attention can be somewhat of a task because consumer need and wants are steadily evolving and never stays the same. E-commerce is another way that firms can communicate with consumers to offer goods and services. This paper will analyze how business owners can effectively offer good and services that will draw consumers in to visit and make purchases on their ecommerce site. People really enjoy fast and convenient services and firmly believes that time is money. This is because time is something that they do not have a lot of. Consumers want what they want, when they want it. Many business owners turn to the internet to get the word out about their products and services. It is the fastest way to reach a mass amount of people in a short period of time, all with a click of a button. The internet is the leading strategy for e-retailers to get the word out about the around the clock availability that consumers can have access too. For many brands, ecommerce is an umbrella for a multitude of strategic goals, product-launch activity, relationship building, including cutting-edge positioning, and a degree of innovation and flexibility that cannot be engineered in-store (Woods, 2011). One of the best ways to attract consumers is to make a connection with buyers. Display engaging content that will have them interested in using the online site. Good content will sell and be the foundation for ecommerce establishments. This too will save owners on advertising because the content itself will speak volumes about the website. Likewise it will answer questions and help consumers find what they are searching for. Moreover providing the site with software that can handle a mass amount of activity from users as well as privacy policies that protect users is essential. Ensuring strict privacy policies assures users that individual customer information is not released at any time. Privacy should be the most important category to online companies. Securing a merchant account is truly a meaningful step to take. PayPal is a great global service that allows consumers to make Internet purchases without giving their personal financial information to an e-commerce site. This certainly reduces the risks of being hacked or online fraud (Holden, 2010). Another way to attract consumers is to make a connection with buyers. Find ways that will attract them by offering services like free shipping or perhaps a 10-25% discount for registering with the site or even make them feel important by offering VIP Membership to those that spend over a certain amount for shopping online. Perhaps incentives of some sort can be given at the time of purchase. Other ways is to offer free exchanges; customers love when they feel that a business have their best interest and not ripping them off. Communication is significant to e-commerce success; giving customers an automated system reminder that will automatically remind them about various products and services is a great way to implement ongoing communication (Hall, 2010). Additionally, having customer service reps to remind them about the site is important. Implementing cost effective ways to reach your audience can be helpful as well as harmful. Helpful ways is using email to communicate with consumers. At the time of registration, email addresses should be requested so that customers can receive updates, offers, and reminders. Secondly, using pop-ups can be eye-catching and helpful. The main goal is to get the users attention to browse your website. Lastly use blogs on social media…