Tilted Towers Short Story

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Pages: 5

A day in tilted towers It was an early morning in the Fortnite landscape as Braeden Streu launched off the battle bus in his favorite John Wick skin. He could not decide where to land on the island as he watched the 99 players jump off the bus before him he jumped over tilted towers. As he fell he was surveying the landscape of tilted towers as there were people dropping right next to him. He then landed at Trump Tower where he could not find a gun. But then he saw him, a fellow John Wick that was picking up a blue pump. Braeden proceeded to run and all of a sudden he heard a slow clap behind him and when he turned around “boom” and he saw a Jon Wick sitting there clapping in front of him. Braeden then raged and threw his controller and decided he would lose to a John wick again. It was now the next day and Braeden was up all night playing. He kept saying to himself,” I need to sleep.”But his mind kept telling him, “no you need to get revenge in tilted towers”. He finally went to sleep for an hour and had this …show more content…
Then they both heard footsteps below them. They went downstairs and saw someone drinking a slurp and Preston and Braeden shot at the same time and Preston got the kill. Streu then screamed.” YOU STOLE MY KILL.” Preston started laughing again this time even harder. They then continued their way along the map going from Tilted Towers to Loot Lake. Then they saw it , a gigantic base built off of a port a fort. Preston immediately started to push while Braeden was right behind him. When they got into the base their was no one in it. All of sudden there heard grenades and rocket launchers going off and all of a sudden they fell to there death. Braeden was raging while Preston was laughing. They decided they could not win and decided to call in the big guns. Antlerman15 and buddyjones10 were already on and had won a few games. So they joined and buddyjones10