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Amethyst Humbert
Tim Burton Essay Tim Burton has made many great and interesting films by manipulating style techniques throughout his films to make the movies entertaining. He has a mysterious style. Tim Burton’s style is demonstrated by lighting: Low key and high key. In the film, Edward Scissorhands, Burton low-key lighting to the darkness of Edward’s house shows the mysterious style. When I saw the house compared to when I saw the other houses, I was confused and wondering why is it different. In the film, Corpse Bride, low-key lighting happens when Victor walks down the dark hallway. The setting to me was very dual and it was very creepy to be walking a dark hallway with nobody else. This shows how the director’s style interprets low-key lighting. The other way Burton lighting is shown throughout his movies is high-key lighting. In “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, the winning families went to the Chocolate fall room, there is high-key lighting on all the different types of candy. Amr. Burton includes high-key lighting to put emphasis on every delicious piece that is edible. If there was low-key lighting, I would not be attracted to the candy, I would be with high-key lighting. He also uses high-key lighting in the film, Edward Scissorhands, when the camera panned across the town with colorful houses and the clothes. Everything was so bright when I first saw it and I knew something was up about this town. The lighting in those 3 movies expresses that Tim Burton’s style is being used for more than once. Furthermore, Tim burton’s style is also demonstrated by camera angles: High and low angles. In the film by camera angles: In the film, Edward Scissorhands, Burton displayed the town from a high angle to the comparison of the house. In my view, it was very odd that all the homes looked alike in a sequence of colors. This scene goes to show that there must be something interesting about the place. Similarly, in the film, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factors, Burton uses the technique to show the factory from the sky. This technique is used to create an atmosphere of suspense by making the factory look big and old. The high angle technique was used excellent in this scene, because it if looks old, it makes the factory closed. There is another way that Burton’s camera angles are shown throughout the movie which is at a low angle. In the film,”The Corpse Bride”, the blue butterfly flying around the town was at a low angle to show how amazing the butterfly is to the gloomy town. Also in the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the low angle created a dramatic scene when Augustus went into the tube. The scene was very funny, because you see Augustus struggling in the tube. The camera angles support the reason that Burton’s style is mysterious. Tim Burton’s style is