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Dominiq Murphy
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December 12, 2014
Tim Burton: Artist of the Screen Few people can make a romantic, horror movie successfully, but Tim Burton, a man with many films, creates successful romantic, horror movies. Burton is the creator and director of many of the new classics that happen to be spectacular, Every great man has certain inspirations.
Dr. Seuss, Roald Dahl, Vincent Price, and Edgar Allan Poe, are just a few of Burton’s inspirations. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands, and The corpse Bride are just a few films that Tom Burton uses to create the feeling of empathy towards the protagonist.
Burton uses low key lighting, long shot, and low angle to create strange films.
Tim Burton uses low key lighting to create a depressing feeling. In Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory, Tim Burton uses low key lighting to create a feeling of empathy and sometimes rejoice. For example when Charlie, the protagonist, looks upon the chocolate factory, it has dim lighting, which helps create the feeling of sorrow for Charlie. Also, when all of the kids are inside the factory hall, it is a bit darker, which creates the mysterious feeling which lies behind the door. In Edward Scissorhands, Burton uses low key lighting , while the inventor was looking around at his magnificent creations. The lighting makes the castle seem scary and spooky. The low key lighting also sets the mood of curiosity, while looking upon his machines.
Tim Burton, in The Corpse Bride uses low key lighting throughout the entire movie. The low key

2Where is your running header?

lighting also helps show the characters vulnerability to anything around him. Burton uses low key lighting in his films to create a certain mysteriousness and frightening effect.
Burton uses long shot in many of his films to show the scale of a person or object. Tim
Burton, in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to show the certain scale of an object. For example, when Charlie is viewing inside the factory for the first time. It shows a sense of happiness and joy. The long shot also adds a certain depth into the surroundings. Also in Edward
Scissorhands, in the beginning before the flashback it shows the castle from a distance. It creates a feeling of oddness and beauty. While, it creates the feeling of beauty, it seems as if it is out of place in the surrounding environment and world. In The Corpse Bride Burton used a long shot when Victor is overlooking the city of the dead. It shows that, the dead have more fun than the living, for they have no problems to worry about. It also shows the magnificences of the city, even though it is misplaced and therefore mistaken. Burton, uses long shot to create mixed feelings for the surroundings of certain