Tim De Kr Case Study

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Business Development Planning Tim De Kir

Assignee: Tim de Kir
Project group: Tim de Kir
Project mentor: katja Aalonen and Yanhong Xi
Group Memebers: Cayetana Rivera and Alice Wiseman
Business Development Planning

Tim de kir

Assignee: Tim de kir
Group members: Cayetana Rivera and Alice Wiseman

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summery
2. Introduction
3. Business Outline
4. Business operations
5. Project Proposal
6. Keys to succeed
7. Objectives
8. Products and Services
9. Marketing strategy
10. Development strategy
11. Finance part
12. Conclusion
13. References

2. Introduction
Tim de Kir is a company of accessorizes, presents and clothing, established in Madrid, Spain in 1989. It is a small business with three facilities and three owners. They offer many kinds of different products to satisfy different kinds of customers.

Now days there is a big crisis affecting Spain, the unemployment rates are every time higher, people expend less money in vagaries to just use it in the necessary things. This affects the business sector and specially the small business that depend on the local customers expenditures. Many small firms have closed their business and all of this rises up the crisis. Tim de Kir is a small business which is still working at the moment, although with some losses in comparison with other years. In this report some new ideas have been found to try to keep it working and even improve it.

The main proposal of this project is to find new ideas to improve this business. First of all, the idea of improving Tim de Kir web page. At the moment the web page is really old fashion and now days internet is one of the main information resources where people look for everything, and it is very important for a business to have an update web page
The second idea will be to bring in new target customers. Tim de Kir is specially focused on women fashion where they could also focus on young fashion. One of the facilities is placed in a student area and this will help it to bring more customers to the shop.
The last idea is to introduce new markets. Tim de kir does not provide shoes and this could be also another solution to bring in more customers.

In this report the finance part will also be included, as the finance at the moment, and how it could be improved with all the new ideas.

3. Business Outline
De Kir was established in Madrid, Spain in 1989; it was first focused on women, which because of their style of life needed to renovate their closet pretty often. It offered many different brands so women could find their favourite clothes at reasonable prices. Five years later the new concept Tim De Kir was introduced. It is oriented to provide all kinds of accessorizes and presents. This new concept was really successful, it helps people that just want to make a birthday present, finding all kinds of original ideas, or even people that buy their entire Christmas presents.
The selection of the new name was based on: Tim as the Spanish way of saying “team” and de Kir because is one of the last names of one of the members. De Kir is the women fashion section and Tim de Kir, the accessorizes and presents section, but because people used Tim de Kir for both sections, the company finally stick to Tim de Kir.
At the moment Tim de Kir has three facilities for public selling, in three different places, all around the centre of Madrid.

Tim de kir has three owners, one in each facility. They work together as a team, deciding the new products for future seasons, which are all the same for the three facilities, with some exceptions in order to satisfy the needs of the costumers in each area. The suppliers which deliver the products to the shops are good Spanish firms