Tim Hortons: A Short Story

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I was on my lunch break and I went to Tim Hortons I got a Crispy Chicken Sandwich and was quite enjoying it along my Caramel Latte Supreme. So, then I drove to the Parliament Building what a great place. Well, at least it was. Until, I heard gunshots every one ran as this was happening I called 911. But, of course phone died. But, as I ran I saw a familiar face it was the shooter.It was my cousin.We all knew he would do somthing like this i mean he has always hated Canada becaus of a silly little bombing and he has also had some drug abuse in the past but then he made eye contact with me as if he wanted me to join him. I just ran and sped off in my little Fiat and stopped at my home and ran in locked all the doors and used my home landline