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On 19 September 2003, David Swick reported to the Halifax Daily News that the Tim Hortons franchisee in Atlantic, Canada was not serving fresh doughnuts instead they have factory fried and then shipped frozen. Later in September 2006, there was another court controversy about employees not wearing read as part of the Red Fridays. A campaign by military families to support Canadian Soldiers.

Skills he had:

His major skills is in he had a business mind. He knew a lot about business and its agreements. He managed to own whole Tim Hortons by himself for a long time.

Business Located:

Tim Hortons has about 4,071 outlets, combining 3326 in Canada and 734 in US. Their headquarters is in Oakville, Ontario.


Cold Stone: Cold Stone became partners with Tim Hortons in 2009. Starting with US then opening six co-branded locations with Tim Hortons, which includes Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Hamilton, Whitby and Pickering.

Wendy’s: Wendy’s was the first ever partners with Tim Hortons, they merged all the stores in Prince Edward Island with Tim Hortons by the agreement of TDL group. Who managed to convince both Joyce and Wendy’s Chairman Dave Thomas. But later he retired from active management.

US and Canadian Military: Tim Hortons was opened in both US and Canadian Military bases. To serve the soldiers with fresh doughnuts and coffee.

Promotions: Tim Hortons is one of the best business in promoting themselves…