Tim Obrien On The Rainy River

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In Tim o'brien's short story on the rainy river he uses a very descriptive imagery to show tone. He use imagery from beginning to end such as when getting the draft notice, slaughterhouse, and the shoreline. These examples set tone to get a better feeling and understanding of the story.

The letter was opened on June 17, 1986 “ I remember opening up the letter, scanning the first few lines, feeling the blood go thick behind my eyes. I remember a sound in my head. It wasn't thinking, just a silent howl.” Tim description of opening up the letter shows tension from the blood behind his eyes to the silent howl. He empathize on the blood behind his eye to show that looking at the draft letter put a burden on his life. Also the silent howl was like in a call for help his mind quit thinking and jumped to worry this shows tension. Both these examples show tension

The slaughterhouse that tim obrien use to set tone through imagery in many way is disturbing. Tim
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Tim o'brien makes you imagine the land that was 20 yards away he uses a very detailed sight of canada. “the delicate latticework of the leaves, the texture of the soil, the browned needles beneath the pines, the configurations of geology and human history”. BY doing this tim o'brien is able to express how close to he was to making the decision of not going to war however, sets a tone of tension. Another tone expressed by the shoreline was worry , tim o'brien being so close and stopping himself for the overbearing of other peoples though on him shows the tone worry for he is concerned of the what ifs.

The tone of on the rainy river changes throughout to help in the end to show his decision on going to war. Tim o'brien worry and disappointment from others is very visible in the tone to show his choice. The decision of going of to war is built up by tension and worry of disappointing other all why believing of sticking to a