Tim Olsted Reflection Paper

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Josh Cooper
Arts Core
Professor Knutson
January 24, 2015
Tim Olstad Reflection Going into the night I had no idea about what to expect. The first time I had ever heard of the guy was on the first day of class when I was told that I was being forced to go watch his show. But, up to that moment I didn’t know he even existed on this planet. I don’t watch much TV, so I didn’t watch the third season X-Factor that he participated on, thus I didn’t know his voice and style of singing, and I was in the dark. I had a few question in mind going in like: Will I actually enjoy going to watch this guy, will it be worth my time?, and Can this guy even sing?. With all of this in mind I ventured off to the show in the cold, not knowing what to expect, only hoping for a decent show that would keep my attention, and boy it was much more than that. The best way to describe this show for me was a blissfully sad emotional roller-coaster that you can’t get off, but you don’t want to get off because you enjoy it. I love listening to music, it is one of my favorite things to do. I like all genera’s of music in general because I would like to think that for a person to truly appreciate music as a whole they need to learn how to understand and enjoy all. If there is one thing about music I enjoy the most is the wave of emotions that is embedded in the words and the instrumentals. When you open yourself up to a song it can be life changing. There is one type of music that I enjoy more that most others, and it is the type of music that is sad. A lot of these songs have piano going in the back ground have a semi-slow beat that takes you in and opens you up to its message. It just so happens that a lot of the songs that he sung had a sad story to them and a piano, so I was kind of glad about that. His EP that he is planning to record and release in the near future was chopped full and stuffed to the brim with emotion. His first song “Higher” gave off a since of warmth and togetherness, that was also helped with the addition of the orange background. One of his songs from his upcoming EP that got me the most was his song, “Piece of You”. From this song, I envisioned a wonderful story that was projected in my mind. I saw a small town, similar to Winona, and two good friends that had been together forever. One becomes a successful musician who becomes famous in sorts, and the other is stuck back home hoping that his friend remembers him. The one stuck in town hopes that he made an impact on his friend, helping him to get where he is now, and just wants to