Tim Wise White Privilege Analysis

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White Privilege In the “White Privilege” video by Tim Wise, he describes white privilege as a concept that unites people with white skin and compiles them into a group despite their social and economic difference. He states how the white servants were freed and given land just so that they could allow the rich white people keep the Africans as slaves. This idea explains how the white people of today, statistically speaking, have more money than any other race in America. I agree with the way that Tim Wise explains white privilege because it was all started as a way for the European immigrants in America could claim more power. In the video, Tim Wise describes whiteness as a term made up to unite the people of lighter …show more content…
Two communities hit by the same storm, suffered the same damage and had an extremely similar poverty rate. Still, the white community, instead of coming together with the black community, decided to pass an outrageous law saying that only family members of the people who owned the land could rent the land. Maybe if the two communities had come together to help each other like the black community wanted, clean up and rebuilding could have been a lot easier. Instead, the white community decided to make sure that no other races could come into their community in an attempt to isolate themselves due to the idea that they were somehow better than the minorities that were in the exact same situation. Then, the law was removed anyway. Tim Wise’s speech on white privilege describes how white privilege was created as a way to make Europeans taking over America more natural than it really was. He also describes how white people used this “white privilege,” to claim businesses and he explains how white people, statistically, have more money. I agree with his statements in the video because he describes how white privilege began in a way to unite people of the lighter skin color to gain power over everyone else and how that has evolved into white privilege