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Many years in the past there’s been always war of communism in the United States during the 1960’s, the United States had incrementally learn the values of their previous wars. Inequality between races had finally come to and understanding and the voice of many United States citizens made a decision and the words and ideas grow greatly. At that time war also covered the hall nation with negativity as of media lies and political views with bad views. The new Americans were talking about Vietnam War that had taken a lot of American soldiers into both a dangerous war against a faraway world country. Also an American soldier, the veteran, Tim O’Brien created much of his experience in the Vietnam War through his short stories. Mr. O’Brien demonstrated ought through a war he always disliked.

Many great experiences from Tim O’Brien’s past had contributed he was born in 1976 with his family, and in a poor city called worthinton‘Turkey Day’, was a local tradition that first took . he loved to go to carnivalscreate some artistic children at an early age, this carnival greatly opened his ideas. It wasn’t y combat, unhealthy behaviors may have developed as a result. However, O’Brien found his sanction through writing literature based primarily on the Vietnam War and following in the footsteps of famous war writers such as Ernest Hemingway and Joseph Heller (1792). From such works as Going after Cacciato to his famous The Things They Carried, he vividly illustrated to the world the emotional and physical struggle young conscripts like him faced in the war (1793).

The short story The Things They Carried uses a great deal of symbolism in order to express the voice of young soldiers. After opening up about a platoon leader’s infatuation to a college girl back home, the story goes into a list regarding the physical equipment and necessities each man must lug along. O’Brien uses this kind of symbolism to indirectly reveal to readers a message and link to the fresh thoughts and feelings of the soldiers as they continue embarking on their mission. During a war soldiers tend to take with them items fromhome in lieu of a security blanket:

. . . dave carensen carried alwatys a pair of socks ix ’Brien points out various items carried by soldiers in which symbolize their link back home and offer a way of coping through the vile jungles of Vietnam. Readers can also easily perceive the type of person these soldiers are when stripped of their military status and attire. However, it can be seen that such a close attachment to these personal items in the condition of war can lead to poor and regrettable outcomes as seen in The Things They Carried after negligence from Lieutenant Cross is believed to lead to Ted Lavender’s death (Korb 1). Finally, weight itself becomes an item of symbolism as seen in the story, when it later translates into a massive load of emotional complications each soldier must bear through and masked behind a coarse, bitter language (Palmisano 1). “easy access,” (1). As a writer and veteran, O’Brien brilliantly uses symbolism to reveal to readers the psychological impact of the Vietnam War in soldiers (Hacht and Hayes 1206).

The significance of weight that covers Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried, makes up a majority of the soldier’s burden and freedom. Just as most Americans realize, veteran or not, soldiers carry extensively substantial loads. There is even a training session that trainees must pass before entering battle that involves carrying heavy loads. But even those rigorous tasks do not express to one beforehand of the inevitable internal load each one endures once flown thousands of miles away with little control over it (Toutonghi 301). Because the weight extends far beyond the physical reminder in the story, it cannot simply be relieved through discarding or lightening (1). O’Brien’s mentioning of a bird after the death of Ted Lavender represents freedom in which the soldiers fantasize over being