Essay about Timberland: Swiss Franc and Forward Rate

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Due Saturday May 10, 2014

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What is the price of manufactures in terms of food at which A and B would respectively supply manufactures? What would B export in Adam Smith’s world? What is the amount it could supply?

6. Companies can be hurt by rapid changes in exchange rates even if their initial hedging actions appear reasonable. Explain how the VW case reflects this situation and what it could have done differently to manage the adverse impact of dollar depreciation.

7. Explain how Timberland developed global supply chain problems and then arranged and used IT and a change in its physical distribution system to solve them.

8. Essays

a) (15 points - about 2 pages double spaced) –

Large firms operating globally develop strategies based on the type of industries and businesses in which they compete. Explain the four basic international business strategies discussed in the course on-line lectures and the Hill text. Then identify which of the four strategies Avon and Unilever are trying to implement. After identifying the strategies Avon and Unilever are using please describe and explain how and why each pursues the strategy it has selected to penetrate certain markets and meet global competition in the consumer products industry. You should comment on and compare the success and/or failure of their approaches and implementation as stated in the text and case presentation and how they may have modified their