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Background info:
The organisation is located in Homebush Entry via Rhodes Shopping Centre
1 Oulton Avenue Off Homebush Bay Drive RHODES NSW 2138
Ikea is relevant to the woodworking industry through the furniture it produces and its mass production off how much furniture Ikea sells.
The IKEA story began in 1943 in the small village of Agunnaryd in Sweden, when founder Ingvar Kamprad was just 17. Since then, the IKEA Group has grown into a major retail experience with 123,000 co-workers in 25 countries/territories generating annual sales of more than 21.5 billion euros.
Structural factors:
Ikea is financed through the workers that are employed in the company and how they work to produce the supplies for Ikea.
The financial advisors are in charge of the financial area within the workforce. The turnover for Ikea was 21.5 billion Euros Management:

Ikea advertises its goods by ads on the television billboards and the radio to grad consumers attention.
The target market of Ikea is new home owners that need furniture and people that are just buying new furniture for their kitchen dining room.
Ikea makes sure its furniture is up to standard by testing there products before they are put out for sale to make sure they are strong and suitable for the job they are designed for and not dangerous. Sales: Ikeas goods are suitable for the target market as they are cheap easy to maintain easy to put together as they all come in flat package boxing and nice looking. Sale figures would be checked to make sure they are making enough money each six months or when half the financial year has been complete. The goods are sold in a large shop that advertises how and what each product is for at a reasonable price. Ikea is always looking into branching out into new markets to get its products across and to make new products that would sell well in a different market. Production:
The quality of the goods that are made by Ikea go through a test to see the strength durability and look test to see whether the product is good enough to be sold as one of ikeas products.
The regulations that affect ikea is how the products are made is they arnt to be made out of harmfull materials that could cause allergic reactions and that they arnt to be able to bring harm to a person in the way that they shouldn’t be flimsy and should have hard sharp edges that will cut or piece skin accidently.
These regulations could affect how products are made and what materials the products are made from.
Ikea strives to grow in the number of staff and shops that are to be opened each year without sacrificing other workers or jobs for anyone else. They also strive to bring in as much money as the possibly can to grow in size.
The incentives for the workers at Ikea are to work at their best possible level so they will be given pay rises or a better position within the company.
* Industrial drop saws * Industrial table saws * Routers * Thicknessing machines * Spray painting booths * Chemical booths
All of these plus other tools are all made to mass produce products at a fast rate.
The major function of the tools in the workforce is to create to furniture that is to be sold in Ikea.
The tools that could be replaced are all the tools as they will eventually become out dated and new machines will be bought in to replace them. They may also be replaced due to every day wear and tear.
The way in how new tools are developed effects Ikea by them either having to update there old tools are stay with the old out dated tools that they are using.
Technical factors:
A process that would have been once done by hand but is now is completed by machines would be using a drop saw for cutting wood into different lengths and sizes.
This would have replaced employees as it is a much more efficient way of cutting wood and would cut the wood in much