Time and Beach House Essay

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Ben Gabay
Vocabulary and important events
Autumn: September, 15th, 1937

Linger (verb) - It is pronounced Lin-ger. It means to pass time slowly.
Tranquil (adjective) – It is pronounced tran-quil. It means to be free from agitation and disturbance.
Vague (adjective) – It is pronounced as it is spelled. It means that something is not clearly expressed.
Disembark (verb) – It is pronounced dis-em-bark. It means to get out or to be removed from something, particularly a vehicle.
Embroider (verb) – It is pronounced em-broi-der. It means to form something, particularly with a needle.
Stifle (noun) – It is pronounced sti-fle. It means to cut off something.
Hiss (verb) – It is pronounced ‘his. It means to make a sharp sound.
Desolate (adjective) – It is pronounced des-o-late. It means to be joyless though as if separated from a loved one.
Persistent (adjective) – It is pronounced per-sis-tent. It means that something is continuous, or exists for a long period of time.
Manservant (noun) – It is pronounced man-ser-vant. It means a male servant, or in some cases a servant in general.

There are several important events in this section. One key thing is the fact that Stephen has been diagnosed with tuberculosis, which has a major impact on his role in the story, like he cannot be close to his family because it is contagious. Another important event is the grandpa’s beach house that Phillip went to in Tarumi, which had a lot to do with his painting, which reveals he is an artist. There is also the Sino-Japanese war that is going on, which is what creates most of the stress in Phillip’s family. It is revealed that he has siblings, in which he has a very good relationship with his younger sister; Penelope, whom he calls Pie. Phillip also had to leave his family because of his illness. Phillip went to live with his father in Kobe. A scene…