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English 102
July 6, 2014
Barn Burning
Character Analysis: Abner Snopes

In Barn Burning” William Faulkner’s short story presents complex themes and questioning of morality. The story takes place in the late 18th century and early 19th century. Abner Snopes was described as a violent and destructive man. He showed very little emotion and controls his family through verbal and physical abuse. His perception of life is much skewed. Abner believed the world owes him gratitude for his service in the civil war. In reality he was a mercenary. Mercenary’s are people that fight for personal gain not for defending their country. He was also shot in the leg for stealing horses during the civil war. Abner’s jealousy and rage were due to his lack of power. Whether it was from not possessing the wealth of another man or not being able to control the system on how crops were divided. His only way to possess some superiority was through his family. Abner’s son Colonel Sarotoris “Sarty” Snopes was accustomed to Abner’s violent actions first hand. Sarty was his accomplice for his barn burning activities. Sarty only ten years old at the time wanted to stop lying and put an end to his father’s escapades. Abner’s’ incapability to control his rage and destruction caused Sarty to question his loyalty to his family or loyalty to honor and justice. The story takes places in a courthouse where is located in the back of a general store. This is where Abner is accused of burning the landlords barn and as well as punishing him. Faulkner leaves the impression that being that the courthouse is not really a court house amplifies Abner’s belief that he is not of any importance. In comparison when he see De Spain’s estates, Abner states “Hits big as a courthouse” it