The Importance Of Time Management

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Kevin Moon
Mrs. Dawson
February 2nd 2015
Time is Gold

Many people have a question like it, “Why should we manage time efficiently?” Proper time management goes farther than getting your job done. With good time management skills, you can become proactive and start working towards achieving specific goals in like rather than becoming reactive. Studies indicate that successful people are those individuals who strictly follow their set time to accomplish specific goals in life. It takes one’s self-discipline to practice proper time management. People learn to manage their time properly once they see the benefits. Once you practice time management in your daily activities, you will notice enormous improvements in the way you perform your tasks. Completing a task seems to be effortless with proper time management. It is vital to plan how you will spend your time every day by making a complete to-do list. A to-do list helps you to prioritize tasks more easily. One good habit of proper time management is putting an incredible routine in place. Every day you should follow the routine to acquaint yourself with the daily activities. After getting used to your daily routine, you will be able to complete daily tasks more easily. You will spend less time in each task since you know exactly what is expected at the end of the day. Following your daily routine will also assist you to pursue other goals of your life. This is because you will spend less time to undertake the tasks in your routine thus creating extra time to do other things that are important to achieve your goals. Proper time management will only be achieved by setting a well-organized routine as this.
Because of better time management, you gain extra productive hours. You tend to be more disciplined when at work instead of talking about gossip with your co-workers or aimlessly browsing the internet. Image if you had 1 extra productive hour in a day. That’s 5 extra hours in a working week and around 250 hours in a whole year, that's 6 extra weeks of work in