Time!: High School and Professor Thompson Complacent Essay

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Professor Thompson
Would you ever consider trying harder to improve yourself? Being content with how things are going does not give you any opportunity to further your intelligence. No matter what a person is doing they should always try to do their very best.
Sometimes I don’t feel the need to push myself harder to improve. Why would someone want to try and improve when they do not have to try hard to improve their grades in college. This means they are content with how things are going. As a student at Grayson I am learning and figuring out new and different things each and every day. I never knew how great I could do in my college courses until I stopped being complacent and put my very best foot forward and actually put forth an effort. God always has a plan when one door closes he always has another door open. Whether it is people in your professional or personal life if they do not understand your abilities receiving recognition would be impossible. What a person can bring to the table can change the outlooks on anything they try to do. In college there are so many different kind of opportunities but a person has to show the world what their made of and their abilities their capable of. Sitting next to different people in my courses makes me feel like I can’t achieve my goals because it’s like studying and taking test come so easy for them. On the other hand for me I have to actually spend hours and hours on studying just to make an average grade on my work.
Before I started college I was a normal high school student living the teenage life playing sports and cheering. I never thought I was intelligent enough to go to college. I