Time Management Essay

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Contina Bloch
Professor Tiffany Fore
English IVYT 120
29 January, 2013

Written Response #1 Time management to me, means confusion if not performed right! The video we watched was very informing; Randy Pauch, made very good statement as far of how to use your time effectively. Randy , has been through so much and he has a limited amount of time to get a lot down, He has managed to make a seminar for people to not take advantage of the time they have left in this world. Randy was diagnosed with a dozen tumors in his liver, and only had 6 months to live. He believes time is the only commodity you have. These are some of the things he talked about. Setting goals, How not to waste time, How to deal with stress, Not to procrastinate. He also made very good points, household budgets are not about money, but how you manage your time. Americans tend to be bad at dealing with time, but good at dealing with money, and I fine that very true! Bad time management can also lead to stress. If you manage better time you can alleviate a lot of life advice, and relives a lifelong time of ulcers and bad health due to stress.
As a class we talked about being successful doesn’t mean you manage your time well, but managing your time well makes you successful. The way to be successful is to take little steps instead of jumping into a lot at once, because then you will get overwhelmed and tend to feel rushed to get things done. If there is a lot to do start with the big list first then