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01.03 Light Your Way

1. Which time management skill is most challenging to you? Why? Which skill is the least challenging? Explain.
The most time management skill that is most challenging to me would have to be putting time aside for doing chores. In my household I have to do my laundry, walk the dogs and do the dishes every day. It's the most challenging for me because sometimes my day is so packed that it's hard to get everything done. The skill that is the least challenging would have to be going to my club meetings because I enjoy them and I get to have fun while learning different things and meeting new people. I have club meetings on weekdays and they last for about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
2. What methods have you used in the past to avoid procrastination? Did they work? Why or why not?
Some methods that I have used in the past to avoid procrastination is always staying on my feet. If I sat down for even a minute I would stay there and not get anything done. Also another one is not picking up my cell phone. If I were to pick up my cell phone I would get distracted by playing games and talking to friends. These methods do work for me because when I do stay on my feet I contuine to get things done and I get things done much quicker when I don't have any distractions.
3. How might you use time management in high school to help you be a better student?
I use time management in high school to help me be a better student by setting aside time every day to get all