Time Management Experience In Class

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One student that I worked with this past term had difficulty being successful in class for multiple reasons. The online student was a stay-at-home mother who often had a difficult time getting away from distractions in order to complete her work. During our first two tutoring sessions over the phone, she was disrupted by her young children who were at home with her. After the second occurrence, she had explained to me that she has difficulty completing homework assignments because one she starts, she always seems to be disrupted by her family. After gauging and finding out when some downtime occurred for the student, I had suggested that she set some time aside in the afternoon during naps and later in the evening after the children were put to bed and devote it to studying. With flexible hours, we were able to schedule tutoring appointments at these times also.

More recently, the student was again demonstrating some poor time management practices. With unexpected situations that can come about with having a family, the student explained to me once that her schedule is often “fly by the seat of her pants.” Last week for two of our appointments, she answered the phone at our scheduled time, but was unable to hold the appointments due to family circumstances. I also noticed that the student was losing a few points on assignments for turning them in past the due date. She shared with me that she often