Where Am I? What Just Happened?

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Where am I? What just happened? The last thing I remember is when I was sitting on my friend Bessie the Cow’s shoulder, in our barn, talking about today’s hay. All of a sudden I was zapped by this weird ray. Where is Bessie and why am I sleeping on the cold hard floor. I should probably go look around to find the nearest field or garden. I tried to get up but I was a little stiff from laying on the hard floor. I looked around to try to figure out where I was and immediately, I saw my friend Bessie locked behind bars.
“Bessie,” I screamed, “how did we get here?”
“Holy moley mouse! How did you get aboard, were you abducted too?” Cow said with extreme surprise. “I don’t know. How did we get here, were we abducted? Do you know who they are?”
“Never mind that mouse, you need to get away right now or they will kill you”
Barely a moment later I heard I squeaky scream coming from the metal hallway.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It’s a mouse” said some weird looking woman.
“How did it get aboard?” said some weird looking man.
“All I know is that I want it off this ship immediately.”
“Ok, ok calm down, we will just throw it off.”
“Fine, but do it now.”
That’s when I was hastily grabbed and thrown off the flying spacecraft into a free fall till I hit earth and die. My life flashed before my eyes. It was a pretty boring life but what can I say, I am a field mouse from Kansas, there is not much to do there. Just then, I fell into a pile of trash right outside a cheese cake factory. The cheesecakes really did soften the blow but it still did hurt.
“Yo, pal get out of my dinner.” said this weird looking animal that kind of looked like me.
“Yo, are you deaf or somethin’?” He said again.
“Oh, I am so sorry but may I ask you where I am?”
“You’re kidding right?”
“No, I am not. I just fell thousands of feet from space can you at least tell me where I am?”
“You’re in the greatest city in the world, New York.”
“Pardon me I think I just heard you say New York.”
“That’s right, you are now in the Empire State.”
“Oh no, I live I Kansas, that is thousands of miles from here.”
“Chill out man, New York is the bomb.”
“What do you mean?”
“What I mean is that there are thousands of scraps of food that humans toss away, unwanted. They fill up those black bins that you fell in with all of this awesome food and we have our pick of whatever we want. We can go all over New York City, the subways take us wherever we want to go, twenty-four hours a day, faster than we could get there ourselves.“
“I have never been on a subway, I mostly run around the fields and gardens,” I said apologetically.
“You’re a field mouse, you are never going to make it in this city. Boy o boy, you are so lucky you found me.”
“So, what kind of mouse are you?”
“I am a rat, we practically run this town, for every 1 human there are 10 of us.”
“Oh my, in Kansas there were only a couple of mice per barn.”
“That’s why the concrete jungle is the best”
“Well, can you show me how to get back to Kansas?”
“Calm your horses here buddy, you are in the big apple there are a lot of great places here.”
“Yeah, like what?
“Well instead of talking about it let me show you. My name is Tony, follow me!”
True to his word, I followed my new friend to the subway. We run along these metal rails, and my friend tells me to stay away from the third rail! We hop on a car with a big yellow “R” on it. My friend said this train will take us to lower Manhattan. We get out of the train, running in between the legs of the humans. Finally we get to some sort of monument.
“Well, this is an African Burial Ground.” Tony said.
“Um, alright, why is that so interesting?”
“It is interesting because about 20,000 Africans were buried there during the revolutionary. Right now you see lots of buildings and cement but, many years ago this was a sacred place and when it was discovered many years ago they made a monument so the people buried here would not be forgotten”
“Wow that is