Time Traveling Essay

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Ella Chebotareva
24th day of November, 2014
5th period, Honors English-Holeman
Group 3 Vocabulary Words Story

“Ring ring!” went the telephone as I nervously, yet slowly, set my burning hot ug

full of strong Earl Grey tea onto the coffee table cup cloth. Although I was halfway across the house, I could almost sense the gyrating telephone when I swiftly rusticated through the corridors. It seems odd that whenever I hear the telephone ring, which isn’t quite often, I have always rushed over in a docile manner because… Well. I don’t really know exactly.
May it be because it’s my natural instinct to be curious, or just my fear spilling over me like an overfilled mug? One of my “pet peeves” is when people hear a ringing telephone but do not want to “waste energy” running across the house or even room just to get to it. These licentious people shouldn’t even have the precious privilege of owning such technology. Can you even believe that rotary dial telephones are becoming anachronisms?! I’d say this new “cell phone” is what should be becoming anachronic. Anyway, I answered the telephone and who would it be other than that marvelous young chap of the name John Silveira. Oh what a lovely boy he is. After he asked, like a true gentleman, how I was doing since the last time we had spoken, he went through a synopsis of his time since the last time we’ve spoken. The next thing I knew, we had been talking on the telephone for nearly a whole half an hour! As I was saying my farewells, the thing he told me may surprise you! “Grandmother, I have posted an ad on the local newspaper requesting someone to assist me on a time