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Time Warner Audience

Currently Time Warner is the world’s third largest TV and entertainment company by revenue (Behind Disney, 1, and Comcast, 2). Prior to recent history Time Warner was considered to be the world’s largest media group. In addition to cable subscriptions, Time Warner has three operating divisions within it: HBO, Turner Broadcasting, and Warner Brothers. According to Time Warner Cable’s website 41% of Americans are Time Warner Cable subscribers. That amounts to 11,030,000 subscribers; second behind Comcast who claims nearly double the number of subscribers. It is worth mentioning briefly here and following up in more detail in the essay portion of this assignment that Time Warner and Comcast are currently attempting a merger. However, because Comcast and Time Warner assume the first and second position of cable providers in the United States both companies are currently engaged in discussions with the Department of Justice to avoid breaking anti-trust laws that have been put in place. Home Box Office (HBO) was rated as the #1 domestic premium pay television service in 2013. Worldwide there are approximately 122 million HBO and Cinemax subscribers as of 2015. HBO boasts some of the most popular shows on cable at the moment. Most notable is the series Game of Thrones which has seen a 24% growth in audience from last season to its current season. HBO and Cinemax are available in more than 60 countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia. In addition, HBO licenses it’s programming to more than 150 countries throughout the world. Its programs are available for purchase or download in more than 70 countries. Turner Broadcasting owns and operates several cable television networks including CNN, HLN, TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network, and many more. Turner also manages a wide range of digital sporting options including bleacherreport,, and The Turner brand claims to touch more than 200 countries worldwide. In the first quarter of 2015 TBS ranked as basic cable’s #1 delivery to adults aged 18-49 during…