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English 210.v10Timeline
Sunday, October 06, 2013
Ms. Tara Armstrong
Timeline of American Education Many, many years ago education was very important started back in BC and our black race, because they were not allowed to learn how to read or be knowledge about education, and why it was so important. The important of American Education came through a timeline of many men’s in the early years and how it begins.
As I describe the 4 men and their impact why education so important. It starts with a timeline and one of the very first people was the late Mr. Socrates timeline started in 399-470 BC. Mr. Socrates was the mantle of the key factors which is political, philosophy, ethics, paradoxes, and education. Mr. Socrates only had one method he believes in education and helping a person with learning, and asking them lots of question about their belief and education. He did not believe in hypothesis, because he did not believe in playing with a person mind, he fell like it would lead to contradiction a person words and getting a person confuse.
Mr. Socrates was more of a teacher, because he believes in teaching the very young through their teenage years. The impact was “corrupting the minds of the youth” and argued about “moral excellence” Hanson (2001). Mr. Socrates did use a lot of his method to jurors letting know about “their moral values” Hanson (2001) and their wrong doing. Mr. Socrates was very interested in all “political responsibilities” Hanson (2001), families, jobs and the welfare of every person hearts, not just his owe family. This was Mr. Socrates belief philosophy.
And another impact was the paradoxes; how he characterized and thinks it have large conflicts some would say a little of common sense. For example: “No one desires evil” Hanson (2001) “No one errs or does wrong willingly or knowingly.”