Timeline: United States and Spinning Jenny Essay

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Timeline from 1750 – 1900

1756-1763 7 Years War (French and Indian War) – The Seven Years War was a conflict between Britain and it's allies against France and it's allies that ended with a British victory.
1767 Invention of the Spinning Jenny (using machines to manufacture) – The Spinning Jenny was a machine used to spin yarn. It symbolizes one of the first uses of machines for production.
1776 Decl. of Independence (American Rev) – The Declaration of Independence was the most influential document in the American Revolution.
1789 French Revolution begins – The revolution in France that led to Napolean becoming the leader of France. Inspired by enlightenment ideas.
1796 Jenner’s smallpox vaccine – Large milestone in medicine technology
1804 Haitian independence – The only successful slave revolt in history. Led to stricter control on slaves elsewhere.
1807 British abolish Trans-Atlantic slave trade – Significant milestone for human history. Marked the end of new slaves coming to the new world.
1815 Congress of Vienna – Settled territorial disputes and returned power to previous kings
1820s Independence in Latin America – Europeans lose official control in South America although imperialism still remained
1839 1st Opium War in China – Resulted from Chinese refusal to allow opium trade. Ended with the allowance of the British into select Chinese ports
1839-1878 Tanzimat Reforms – An attempt of the Ottomans to modernize
1848 Marx & Engles’ The Communist Manifesto – Led to the creation of socialist and communist governments in some areas
1848-1849 European revolutions – The demand for more freedoms by the people. Led to little political change